Salon Hair. Recreate the post cut look!

As a man you may wonder why cant I get my hair to look as good as it does after a cut?

You may have noticed that it's nearly impossible to recreate the styling perfection your hair stylist is able give you after a cut — even if you go immediately home, rinse, and use the same exact product. Why is this? A gut feeling may tell you it's because you're not a hair care professional. And a hair stylist is, in fact, a pro. But that's not the problem.

The real reason you're unable to recreate that momentary post-cut masterpiece is because the act of cutting hair — all that pulling, brushing, combing, wetting, and, most importantly, the half-hour or so of fingers through your locks — effects how your hair falls. Especially all that touching, pulls your scalp's natural oils through the follicles and leaves a fair amount of oil from your stylist's hands in your hair. 

taken from esquire