Hair Colour

We specialise in high end fashion techniques such as Ombre and Balayage. Also your traditional foil highlights that can produce some striking but natural looking results. Hi-lighting brightens the hair whilst low-lighting darkens and deepens a natural colour.  Using foils placed in varying widths and volumes allows your expert hair colour stylist to separate strands of hair and use more than one hair colour.  High-lighting or low-lighting hair in this way gives the illusion of more depth, texture and volume to the hair. Creating a unique look every time.

We break foil highlights into the following three categories:

Partial foils – up to 8 foils are used on the hair.  Usually in one concentrated area, the fringe for example.

Half head foils – also known as partial foils or partial highlights.

Full head foils – if you wear your hair in up-dos or tie in back regularly (possibly during your working day) then full head hi-lights or low-lights could be the best option for you.